Nu är jag äntligen klar med engelska uppgiften om att göra om rödluvan sagan. Blev riktigt nöjd.
Vad tycker ni?

Red Riding Hood

The night is red, bloodred, almost the same colour as the coat on the little girl that lies on the ground. The wolf stands beside the lifeless body and looks sceptical at it, a hard bite in the neck will make that girl be forever marked whit the devils sign....

A few years later when the girl is almost sixteen her grandma gets verry sick and her mother sends her to give her grandma some medecin. She takes the red coat her grandma did for her to her fifteenth birthay so she won´t get could. She starts to go in the afternoon so she can pick some wonderful blinkerflowers, that sort of flower that only shows in the night. After half an hour it starts to get dark, but still the full moon lights up the night. Soon she finds the flowers she was looking for and she picks a few, then she continue walking on the small road to grandmas cottage and on the way she can se a hole meadow with the blinkerflowers and she just have to pick some. After a while picking flowers she looks at her watch and makes a fearsly discovering that its already 11 p.m., and it almost an hour walking left to grandmas cottage.

One hour later she stands outside grandmas cottage and is on her way to go inside, but something feels wrong, her hands and feets are hurting. She looks down and she can se that her shoes are breaking and her feets are only growing bigger and bigger, she looks at her hands and drops the the medecin. Her hands are almost the sime size as her feets was from the beginning and it had start to grow dark hair on them and the nails are growing longer and getting like claws. Her body gets stronger and her muscles are growing. Her red coat is turning to small pieces, and it looks almost like som drops of blood falling to the ground.

Now she isnt that sweet little angel who does anything to anyone, now she´d become a monster and all she could think about was feeding some fresh human meat. She breaks the door to grandmas cottage and look around. Grandma is in bed and she goes closer. "Little red ridning hood, it that you?" said grandma. The girl just growls something to answer. "Did you bring me my medecin?" said grandma and the girl answer " Im your medecin", then she takes a big bite and rips off grandmas head. She tears the body and soon she finds the heart, red and lifeless and swollow it in only one bite....

Grandmas head is on the floor, and in her neck also she has a scar after some bite. The girl sees that and she gets that grandma also is a wearwolf, and she just killed her. Her thaughts go round in her head and its getting giddy. Soon she lies on the meadow were she picked all that blinkerflowers, all the fur is gone and she is only a simply little girl on fifteen winters. She doesn´t remember anything, she doesn´t even remember what she was going to do that night. She can se the small road to grandmas cottage and decides to go there. When she goes in to the cottage see´s been meeting of a disgusting sight. Her grandma leigt all over the floor, in small pieces, only the heart was missing. The girlwas so scared so she ran home as fast as she could and told her mother about it. Her mother called the police and they concluded that it was an animal who had made it, but they never found the animal, or decided wich kind of animal it was, all they new were that it was strong whit big teeths and brown hair. The even did a DNA test, but nothing was found. The only one who new who it was or what it was were the wolf, the same wolf who had bit both Red ridnighood and her grandma and turned them to wearwolfes. Only the wolf new that when a wearwolf eats another wearwolfs heart they lot their memory of the overnatural things in the world and becomes natural humans again.

Only the wolf nows......

The end

min vackra bild jag har målat ;)




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